Risk Management Association of Arizona

Membership Information

Who can join National Risk Management Association (RMA)?
Banks, bank holding companies, finance companies, and professional firms (e.g., accounting and law firms) are just a few of the types of organizations that are eligible for local membership.

How do I join National RMA?
Visit www.rmahq.org for membership applications

Recruit your colleagues and earn rewards
Click here to learn about the RMA Member-Get-A-Member Program.

What are the benefits of local affiliation?
By affiliating with the Arizona Chapter of RMA, you may:

  • Attend programs featuring guest speakers addressing topics of general interest to lenders and credit risk managers;
  • Enroll in various seminars and courses scheduled throughout the year;
  • Receive quarterly newsletters highlighting recent local events and noteworthy issues.

You must be a member of National RMA to join our local chapter. Click here for more information regarding application procedures, dues, and the rewards of a national affiliation.

How much does local affiliation cost?
Affiliation is prorated to $75 for the remainder of the 2020-21 fiscal year which covers the Chapter's costs of its general membership programs (attendance by members does not cost anything extra). Enrollment in RMA-sponsored educational courses is not covered by Affiliation, however, there is a significant discount by being a member. Tuition costs vary depending on the course.

How do I affiliate locally?
Click here for a local affiliation application.

If you would like more information about the benefits of joining RMA, visit our Membership Benefits page or contact Karmie Christian at ChapterAdministrator@rmaaz.org.